Gobo-ten Udon (Burdock Tempura Udon Noodle Soup)

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Gobo-ten Udon

gobo ten udon
[Provided by the City of Fukuokaoutsite]
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Gobo-ten Udon ('ごぼう天うどん', is classified into udon noodle), is known as Burdock Tempura Udon Noodle Soup in English, and 牛蒡天妇罗乌冬面 (Niúbàng tiānfùluō wūdōngmiàn) in Chinese. It is the washoku.
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Japanese (日本語)

1.Other names

Gobo Tempura Udon.

 The general overview

2.The basic ingredients

Burdock, Tempura Flour, Oil, Dried Bonito Flakes, Kombu, Sugar, Udon Noodles, Salt, Japanese Leek.

3.The different ingredients according to the restaurants

Soy Sauce, Japanese Seven Spice, Sakealcohol, Mirinalcohol, Wakegi.

sakeAlcoholic foods or drinks.

 Related Japanese Style Recipe

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4.Type of cooking

Boiling, Noodle, Suop.


Tasty (Salty-sweet).

6.Serving temperature

Warm, Hot.


Gobo-ten Udon is one of the local cuisine of Hakata City in Fukuoka Prefecture.

8.Prevailing Price

Above ¥650 (1dish; in Fukuoka)

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