Hokki Gai no Sashimi (Surf Clam Sashimi)

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Hokki Gai no Sashimi

Hokki Gai no sashimi
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Hokki Gai no Sashimi ('北寄貝[ホッキガイ]の刺身', is classified into Sashimi), is known as Surf Clam Sashimi in English, and 北极贝刺身 (Běijí bèi cìshēn) in Chinese. It is the washoku.
Rare :
Japanese (日本語)

1.Other names

Uba Gai (Pseudocardium Sachalinense, Poksey) no Osashimi.

 The general overview

2.The basic ingredients

hoki gai
Surf Clam

3.The different ingredients according to the restaurants

Green Perilla
Soy Sauce
Green Spring Onion, Onion, Garlic, Ginger.

4.Related Japanese Style Recipe

Cookpadoutsite 'Surf Clam'
*If fish is not very fresh, you may have diarrhea.

5.Type of cooking

Shelling and cutting.


Tasty (Sweet).

7.Serving temperature

Cold or moderate.


Hokki Gai no Sashimi is the raw surf clam removed from the shell. We can eat this dish at the kappo-ten (Japanese style restaurants) or the special izakaya (Japanese style pubs) in Japan.

9.Prevailing Price

Above ¥750 (2 pieces; in Tokyo)

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